A full suite of enterprise level solutions to help you navigate renewable energy and cost-effective options.

Smarter, greener, and less expensive energy!

The InFEWsion team has created and implemented successful energy strategies for hundreds of Municipal, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional clients, saving millions and freeing up funding for other needs.

We are a full-service, turnkey partner for businesses who want to take control of their energy situation, reducing overall consumption and spending, while increasing sustainability to meet evolving CSR and ESG guidelines.

The InFEWsion name and mission is focused on the intersection and ecosystem of Food, Energy, and Water – with clean, renewable and affordable energy at the core.

Solar Power

Solar power’s lower system cost and increased efficiency, combined with both federal tax benefits and state cash incentive programs, propels companies to...

Power Optimization

Internal building electrical networks are typically inefficient and untuned – causing businesses to pay more for electricity than needed. Our system deploys...

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EV) are the future. But the amenities of widespread EV charging stations will need to get ahead of the coming electric vehicle growth. That is why the...

Battery Storage

The rapid adoption of solar has created the need for energy storage. Batteries connected to a solar system can improve the solar output, reduce utility costs, and provide...

Cold Storage Solutions

Infewsion has exclusively partnered with an American-Made thermal energy management system. This unique and patented system provides environmentally...

Off-Grid Lighting

Solar and battery powered street, parking lot, and recreation field lighting bring a new level of flexibility and capabilities by using advanced intelligence within the...

Why InFEWsion?

InFEWsion has been ahead of the curve on the shift to renewables and have built an ecosystem of technology, finance, and legal partners in order to deliver holistic, paradigm-shifting business solutions to our clients.

Over $500m in renewable projects completed

We value the opinion and ideas of our clients who have helped shape our mission and uncover the resources necessary to help solve their evolving challenges.


Experienced with bringing the most complex projects from early stage ideas to full operation.


We are experts at uncovering high-efficiency smart solutions, with a low carbon footprint.


We provide financial flexibility with strategies to help you at any budget, including zero capital expenditure options.

One partner to improve every aspect of your company’s energy approach: ensuring the lowest rates, protection from future volatility, and sustainability achievements second to none.